Staying in hospital

Why would I need to stay at hospital?

It might be decided that a stay at hospital is needed. This would only be decided if it was the right sort of help for you at that time, and you would stay in a special unit with other young people who are also getting help from CAMHS.

Do I have a choice?

In most situations we will discuss this option with you and your parents/carers and we will get your consent (permission) first.

But, if we have real concerns that your mental health difficulties are putting you or other people at risk of harm, then we may need to arrange for you to go into hospital even without your consent. In this situation, a doctor has powers under the Mental Health Act to make you stay at hospital so that we can assess your needs and/or provide you with treatment. We would make this decision very carefully, and it would be with your best interests in mind.

Working in partnership with you

Where possible staff from our specialist team will work with you and your family before you come into the unit, so that we can discuss the purpose of your visit.

It is important to us that you feel involved in your care during your stay at our inpatient unit. Together we will agree a Plan, which is about your needs and the support you will receive; and we will look at your Plan at least weekly and agree any changes needed.

During your stay we will support you in lots of different ways, depending on your needs; but we will also work with you in ways that will help you to return to everyday life when you leave us. When developing this website, we asked young people what it was like when they first came into hospital.

"I didn't want to go into hospital, I just kept fighting it. But when I got here I could see that they just wanted to help me; and this meant a lot. I'd say to anyone needing to come into hospital, don't put it off."

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Available for young people aged 13-18 from across Cheshire and Greater Merseyside.

To find out more about your rights when staying at hospital and how you can be involved in the decisions that are being made, visit:

Headspace toolkit has been created by Advocacy in Somerset for young people who are inpatients of mental health units.