Visiting CAMHS for the first time is a new experience, so it's quite normal to feel a little nervous or uneasy.

We hope the information below, which we've gathered from young people who have used our services, will help you feel more comfortable during your first visit.

For a toolkit to help you get the most out of your first visit to CAMHS please visit:

CAMHS mostly work in clinics or hospitals, but we can also see you at other places close to where you live, such as at your doctors, a medical centre, school or even at your home. We will contact you to let you know where your first appointment will be, when it is and who you will meet. 

Sometimes it's reassuring to have someone come with you to your appointment. If you are under 16, we ask you and your family/carers to come to your first appointment with you. If you are over 16 and still want to bring someone with you, then it is your choice. We will talk to you all if possible, so that we can better understand the difficulties you are having and how we might be able to help.

At CAMHS we put you first, so not surprisingly at your first appointment we will talk about you and how you are feeling. 

Some of the things we might ask you about include:

  • Your worries
  • Your family
  • Your school, college or work
  • Your friends
  • The things you like
  • Any difficulties you have
  • Any help that you are getting already
  • Any questions you or your family have

But remember, you and your thoughts and feelings are what are important, so we will always encourage you to share the things you would like to talk about. 

Therapists at CAMHS have different professional backgrounds; they might be nurses, social workers, teachers or counsellors. They help families to understand more than one side of a problem. They will talk to you and help you find ways of coping.