Wirral - local services

Below is a list of services available in Wirral that you can access if you need help. 

  • Barnardo’s Action with Young Carers - Wirral

    Provide specialist support, advice and advocacy to young carers aged 5 to 18 and young adult carers aged 18 to 24 in Wirral.

    Tel: 0151 678 7790
    Email: wirral.services@barnardos.org.uk

  • Brook Advisory

    Offer free and confidential services for young people/adults to drop into to see a nurse, youth worker or counsellor. They go into schools to give young people information on their health, relationships, sex and lives. They hold regular drop in sessions at their clinic.

    Tel: 0151 670 0177
    Website: www.brook.org.uk/find-a-service/regions/wirral

  • The Dove Service

    Offer a range of support to parents and professionals, including counselling for children/young people. Also offer training on issues around bereavement and loss, informative workshops and group support.

    Centres located in: Pensby Children’s Centre, Fishers Lane, Pensby, CH61 8SD and Seacombe Children’s Centre, St Paul’s Road, Seacombe, Wallasey, CH44 7AN

    Tel: 01782 683155
    Email: enquiries@thedoveservice.org.uk
    Website: www.thedoveservice.org.uk

  • GIRLS/BOYS Development Project

    A self-development project targeting young women 13-19 aimed to reduce risk taking behaviour, strengthen resilience to peer pressure and abusive relationships and raise aspirations in relation to healthy lifestyle and choices.

    Tel: 0151 647 3160

  • Health Services in Schools

    A confidential drop in service for young people aged 13 -19 delivered in partnership with the HSIS Youth Worker and School Nursing service in all Wirral Secondary Schools. Young people can receive information, guidance and support on all ‘core health’ related matters: Drugs & Alcohol, Relationships & Sexual Health, Emotional Health & Well-Being, Improving Confidence, Self-Esteem & Resilience, Stopping Smoking, Health Eating & Lifestyle - The Youth Workers role within the service is to provide education, prevention and reduce risk taking in all the main themes through one to one support, health promotion events, group work, targeted groups and PSHEE support.

    Tel: 0151 666 4123
    Email: michellelangan@wirral.gov.uk

  • The Open Door Centre (14+)- Covid 19

    Provide Mental Health Support and musical provision for young people free of charge. Offer free and immediate access to Computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CCBT), face-to-face counselling and meditation/mindfulness for those wishing to improve concentration and relieve stress.

    In light of the recent events related to Covid 19, the Open Door has launched a series of initiatives under their new "Horizons" project. Information on which can be found here : https://www.bidolito.co.uk/news-new-horizons/


    Address: Bloom Building, 3 Abby Close, Birkenhead, CH4 15FQ
    Website: http://theopendoorcentre.org/

  • Wirral Youth Response

    An open access service to young people aged 13 to 19 years old. Direct referrals can be made to Response with a young person's consent. Young people can also present during opening hours.

    Response offers the following services:

    • Response Counselling (13-19 years) - a confidential counselling service for young people
    • Response Drug & Alcohol Service - offers targeted support (where there are protective factors in place, giving advice, guidance and support to the young person and their parents/guardians); Specialist Support (1-1 support for young people with substance misuse issues and other complex needs, often through a multi-agency intervention); A&E partnership (supporting young people who have presented at A&E with alcohol or drug related concerns)
    • Response Housing / Homelessness service  - Response operate a daily (9am-4pm) Housing Duty worker who is available for young people, aged 16 & 17 years, who present as homeless or at risk of homelessness (in line with Wirral's Homelessness protocol). Response assessment is completed and usually contact is made with parent/guardian to confirm homelessness and/or offer a preventative support package to enable the young person to remain/return home. Response Stop Gap service offers a personalised support package through to their resettlement. Response offers other packages of support to prevent youth homelessness including advice, guidance and support to young parents in need of accommodation; 'Building Bridges' prevention project, and support to vulnerable 18 year olds that are in need of support to move forward.

    Address: 19 Argyle Street, Birkenhead, CH41 1AD
    Tel: 0151 666 4123
    Email: wirralyouthresponsecentre@wirral.gov.uk 

  • SAFE

    Children displaying fire setting behaviour or a fascination with fire can be referred for the SAFE child education programme.

    Tel: 0800 731 5958
    Website: www.merseyfire.gov.uk

  • Youth Fed

    A youth charity that supports over 5,000 young people between the ages of 8 and 25. They offer a range of different services that fall into 3 categories; support for young people; support for youth groups; and engaging young people in social action.

    Website: www.youthfed.org.uk

  • Youth Support Service - Creative Youth Development

    The project offers an informal and educational 12 week personal development programme to reduce risk-taking behaviour, raise resilience and aspirations. Delivers projects in schools, communities and for professionals based on contemporary issues, e.g. the ‘If you loved me’ production which explored abusive relationships.

    Address: Pilgrim Street Arts Centre, 1 Pilgrim Street, Birkenhead
    Tel: 0151 666 3718
    Email: carondrucker@wirral.gov.uk 

  • Youth Support Outreach Team

    Provide early help across the borough engaging with young people (13- 19) who are often vulnerable to exploitation and criminality. The team engages and builds positive relationships with young people to ensure they get the right support to help build skills and promote resilience. Those identified on the street often have complex issues that require good relationships with their youth worker to help them problem solve. The team uses a fleet of large multi-purpose vehicles ‘Kontactabus’ to attract young people and create a safe environment which allows them to build trust, listen to their story, open doors and help navigate them through uncertain times.

    Contact: patrice@wirral.gov.uk

  • Autism Together

    Support children, young people and their families, in helping them understand autism & social and communication difficulties, offering information, advice and services to families who have: a child with autism; a child undergoing a diagnosis of autism; or who have a child with social and communication difficulties as their primary need.

    Address: Children and Family Department, Oak House (Unit C), 6 Tebay Road, Bromborough, Wirral, CH62 3PA
    Tel: 0151 666 9960 / 0151 334 7510
    Email: enquiries@autismtogether.co.uk

  • BeeWirral

    Support families in making positive choices to improve their own life chances. They run a full timetable of activities, including groups for both parents and their children

    Tel: 0151 647 7587
    Email: info@beewirral.co.uk
    Website: www.beewirral.co.uk

  • Ferries Family Groups

    Supporting parents and families through courses such as, Nurturing Programme and talking teens programme. They also provide fun social integration activities, courses, workshops and events for all the family.

    Tel: 0151 643 1042
    Email: office@ferriesfamilygroups.org.uk 
    Website: www.ferriesfamilygroups.org.uk

  • Safe Families for Children

    Works hand-in-hand with children’s services to link families in need with local volunteers who can offer help and support. Provides Family Friends, Host Families and Resource Friends to help parents get back on their feet. Referrals are handled by Early Help Team (earlyhelpteam@wirral.gov.uk)

    Tel: 0151 334 4473
    Email: info@safefamiliesforchildren.com 
    Website: https://www.safefamiliesforchildren.com/

  • Wirral Local Offer

    Within the Wirral area the council operates and updates a ‘one stop shop’ for all services and provisions in the area, this includes details of children’s centres, charities that offer support as well as adult support. To access this portal go to: https://localofferwirral.org/

  • Wirral Mind

    Provides services to adults with mental health problems and learning disabilities. Support services include self-help groups, drop-in centre, counselling, befriending.

    Address: Drop-in Centre, The Fountain Project, 90-92 Chester Street, Birkenhead, CH41 5DL
    Tel: 0151 512 2200
    Email: learning@wirralmind.org.uk
    Website: www.wirralmind.org.uk 

  • Wellbeing Empowering Brighter Futures (WEB)

    Provides services to children aged 9 and over including a "listening ear" service, plus a girls and boys group focused on increasing self- esteem, confidence and coping skills.

    Tel: 1051 653 3771
    Website: http://www.webmerseyside.org/our-services/childrens-services 

  • Love Jasmine

    Provides bereavement support to families who have a lost a child of any age from 20 weeks gestation to adulthood. They offer emotional and practical support, along with self care and respite breaks. 



  • Mind Over Natter

    Mind Over Natter is a Wirral based support group for parents of children/ young adults with mental health difficulties. They hold twice monthly meetings and information can be found via their Facebook page. No referrals are necessary, parents can call or pop down to one of the meet ups.

    Location: Wallasey & Birkenhead meet ups. For dates see the Facebook page.

    Email: wirralmindovernatter@gmail.com

    Telephone: 07495935494

  • Kooth - Covid 19

    Kooth is an online counselling platform for young people aged 11-25. Kooth's live chat service is available from Monday to Friday 12 noon - 10pm, Saturdays and Sundays 6pm - 10pm.

    Kooth continues to provide a service within the current difficulties in relation to Covid 19.


    Website: www.kooth.com


  • ADDvanced Solutions Community Network

    Encourages, equips and empowers children, young people and their families living with neurodevelopmental Conditions, learning difficulties and associated mental health needs. Supports families pre, during and post diagnosis. 


    Office hours: Monday- Friday 9:00am -5:00pm

    Support offered in: Liverpool, St Helen's, Warrington, Wirral, Knowsley & Sefton

    Email: info@addvancedsolutions.co.uk

    Liverpool/Knowsley/Wirral: 0151 486 1788