Blog: Philip Makin - PRIDE

Chester Pride is important to me because…well there were no such things as Pride events when I was growing up for a start!  Being gay was illegal so things have come a long way and so it is great that we celebrate in ways such as this and have special days in the calendar to raise awareness of protected characteristics etc.  But there is far more to it than that as people from our brilliant CAMHS team have put so well in their amazing blogs….it is a tough act to follow them!

I started my new job as Coordinator for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion at CWP in January 2019 and consider myself really fortunate to be working as part of such a committed team of people - people who deliver such amazing services and who will be there at Chester Pride, celebrating and raising awareness together of what an inclusive place CWP is to work and access services.  Also there with me, performing on the main stage, will be people who sing with me in Proud Marys, the LGBT Choir for Chester and surrounding areas. I also joined the choir in January, around the same time as I joined CWP and find it a really good way to meet people and share my love of music and performing. We were on the main stage at “Crewe Pride In The Park” in June and will be there at Chester Pride too!   

One of the highlights of my role so far has to be the CWP Pride Launch events which we held in Crewe and Chester.  It was great that so many teams within CWP, including Trust Board members, governors and volunteers, celebrated together alongside representatives from partner organisations and LGBT support groups.  We raised the Rainbow flag in Crewe and Chester and the flags are still flying, sending out such a powerful message to everyone.  It is great to be part of such an inclusive team!     

I am looking forward to my first Chester Pride. Everyone tells me what a great day it is and how everyone celebrates together. But it is more than that – it is about celebrating how far things have come but also how far things still need to go.

CWP’s strap line is “Helping people to be the best they can be…” and, in the case of Chester Pride, it is also about helping people to be themselves, to be free to live the life they want to live and to be supported and proud to be the best version of themselves.  Making things better for people is what CWP is all about.  And making it better for people, particularly those from protected characteristics is more important today than it has ever been!     

See you at Chester Pride on 10 August!!