Blog: Tam - Being PRIDEful

It’s July.

The birds are singing and the sun is blazing. But more importantly, it’s Pride month. Indeed, it’s the month that we dust off our rainbow flags and hold them proudly in the air, marching in a crowd with thousands of others. Pride is such an important event for everyone, old and young. It’s truly a place where people can fully be themselves and that in itself is a beautiful thing. We are heard at Pride, after being told to keep quiet. We can be loud and proud of who we are and who we love. It’s an event that can single handedly save lives due to it being a safe space of acceptance and appreciation.

So why should CAMHS attend it? CAMHS should attend Pride because it allows young people to come out to their workers knowing it’s safe. CAMHS attending Pride will show young people that it’s okay to be themselves and it’s okay to bring that person into their sessions. It shows that staff respect and even cherish their clients that are apart of the LGBTQ+ community.

With CAMHS attending Pride it reflects to clients who are still closeted that it is safe to be who they wish to be and that their workers will respect that person. It also helps young people feel supported as their workers are putting in the time to plan and prepare for Pride and in doing so, we see it as putting time into events in which we can be ourselves and that in itself shows how much respect CAMHS has for its clients. Pride is so important to many young people across the world because it highlights how ready they are to be themselves and put that person out there and I believe it is essential for a place like CAMHS to play a part in it.