Local CAMHS team give back with 'Reverse Advent Calendar'

This Christmas staff from a local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) came together to give something back to the Winsford Salvation Army.

The team from Winsford CAMHS, a service provided by Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CWP), worked with a number of other local agencies to give their help and support to others during the festive period by creating a ‘Reverse Advent Calendar’.

Each member of staff was assigned a day throughout December to put items into a box and donations included a variety of food, children’s toys, bath products and clothing.

Ian Roberts, team manager for Winsford CAMHS, said: “It was a very humbling experience. When staff went out to the shops they would buy extra to put into their box. The reverse advent started with our team but by the end colleagues from other teams were donating as well. Suddenly the reverse advent became a box of gifts, then two, then three!”

“I want to thank Amy Meachin for coming up with the idea and organising the donations but I would also like to thank all my colleagues for helping and making such a difference. We know that our local Winsford Salvation Army does a superb job. They are so passionate and caring and we want to thank them for everything they do.”