"She seems alright to me"

She seems alright to me


A Christmas concert, the music loud,

the children are happy the parents are proud,

I look at my daughter, stood there with her friends,

I can see in her eyes she hopes it will end,

I report to her teacher what I can see,

her reply is, "She seems alright to me!"


Coffee with friends at the local ball place,

anxiety I see in my daughter’s face,

their children play, mine sits by my side,

until pressured by my friend to go on the slide,

fear in her face I can plainly see,

my friends reply, "She seem alright to me!"


A day at the zoo, grandparents in tow,

my daughter had really not wanted to go,

too much unknown, her anxiety high,

but she knows she must come, she knows she must try,

I know how hard for her all this will be,

her grandparents reply "She seems alright to me!"


I collect her from school, she looks tired and down,

as soon as we're home my smile turns to a frown,

as the melt down begins, my heart breaks in two,

I hug her and calm her, what else can I do?

next day I tell school of the problem we see

their standard reply "She seems alright to me!"


The act she puts on will take its toll,

her mental health strains under this role,

her energy burned out, her days are so tough,

the safety of home can't cone quick enough,

so when a parent tells you what they can see,

please don't say "She seems alright to me!"



Thank you to one of our Parents who wanted to share their experiences and share their thoughts 


Thank you for letting us share 

Stay Safe 

Winsford Camhs