World Mental Health Day 2019 - Just Ask!

The focus for this year's World Mental Health Day, which takes place on Thursday 10 October, is suicide prevention and here at CWP CAMHS we're talking about the theme 'Just Ask'.

Research studies and people who have had experiences with suicide attempts tell us that if they'd just been asked how they were feeling it would have made a real difference to them. So we're encouraging people to look out for each other and 'Just Ask' how your friend is feeling!

How you can get involved

This year we'd love it if your school could run some art-based activities on the theme of 'Just Ask' with as many age groups as you can. This could be any art form - dance, drama, visual arts, design, creative writing - anything you can think of! 

What we'll do

We're always excited to celebrate the innovative and forward thinking work of our school partners and the fantastic young people we have. We're asking if you could send us what you did on the day with some pictures! 

We'll then create a collage putting a spotlight on the innovative work you're all doing. This will then be professionally created and presented to participating schools for Children's Mental Health Week in February 2020.

We're hoping this will bring back some good memories of what you did, share what else went on locally and give you something positive to display in school. 

If you have any questions or want to join in, email: 

World Mental Health Day is run by the World Mental Health Federation. Click here to visit their website.

The international event is supported by the World Health Organisation. Click here for their mental health day page.