Our Spoke teams are based in the local CAMHS teams and work with young people aged 8-18 years with eating disorders. Each Spoke team is made up of two full-time equivalent therapists and a dietitian, and we also link in closely with the CAMHS teams to access psychiatry support where needed.

We are commissioned to see young people with eating disorders within a month of referral so will make contact quickly following referral to arrange a date for an assessment appointment. This assessment appointment is an opportunity for us to understand how things are for the young person and their family and how the eating disorder is affecting day to day life. Towards the end of this assessment we will develop a care plan with the young person and their family identifying next steps for support.

Our spoke teams offer psychological therapies that have been found to be helpful for people with eating disorders and are recommended by the NICE guidelines. We offer individual, family and group therapy, depending on what would be most beneficial for you. You will also be offered appointments with our specialist dietitian.

Accessing Spoke teams

The spoke teams in each location are accessible via the local CAMHS team.   Please contact your local team for advice or information.

Professional referrals must be sent via your local CAMHS team process. The “Eating Disorder Spoke team” will review all referrals that indicate or the specialist CAMHS staff suggest has eating disorder concerns.   

Wirral CAMHS currently have the option for parents or young people to self-refer, please follow their process.