The Emotionally Healthy Children and Young People project has been running for two years and is supported by a number of agencies, including CWP, Cheshire East Council, local schools, Eastern Cheshire CCG, NHS South Cheshire CCG and the charities Visyon and Just Drop In. 

The project focuses on improving resilience across schools and aims to develop teaching staff to ensure they meet the mental health and wellbeing needs of their students.

The third phase of the Cheshire East Emotionally Healthy Children and Young People began in April 2019 with CWP as the lead provider. CWP work in close partnership with Visyon and Just Drop In to deliver the offer to all schools and settings, Local Authority Youth Provision, and Community Organisations Affiliated to Connected Communities.

Covid-19 - What Cheshire East Schools and settings can access to support the mental well-being of your children and young people.

Due to the on-going situation regarding the pandemic, the Emotionally Healthy Children and Young People’s Link Team consultation offer has been reviewed and based on conversations with colleagues the following changes have been made and will continue until further notice:

  • Telephone consultations will be offered on a one to one basis
  • Consultations will operate Monday to Friday  9am – 4pm on a pre-booked basis
  • Bookings will be made and confirmed using the team email address  
  • The paperwork accessed under the consultation tab below will need to be completed prior to consultation and forwarded securely to the team email address (above) at least 24 hrs prior to the consultation. There is also a leaflet explaining the consultation to parents.
  • Schools will be responsible for obtaining parental consent to discuss the child or young person at consultation – if it is not possible to get a consent form signed by a parent or carer, the school will need to obtain verbal consent and record a date, time and method eg. Phone, email

We hope that offering a higher degree of flexibility will enable our service users to access support in a timely manner during this challenging time.


*Please be aware the Emotionally Healthy Children and Young People service does not cover Vale Royal/Winsford

A pathway for supporting children and young people who present with thoughts and behaviours of self-harm. 

The full offer explained

To book on to any of our training as described below click here.


Group based offer of mental health consultation.

Schools/settings identify a child or young person where there is cause for concern and prioritise them for consultation. Advice is given on the most appropriate interventions, resources and pathways. There is opportunity for shared learning across schools/settings.

Who should attend: This will preferably be a member of staff that has attended our Mental Health Awareness Training, completed an SDQ and collated background information for the child or young person that they wish to discuss.

Relevant documents


This is the Full Mental Health First Aid: Youth - 2 Day course.

For information on upcoming courses and how to book please visit the below link for our Partners Just Drop In who deliver the course. 

Course Description:

This is the Full Mental Health First Aid: Youth - 2 Day course.

Youth Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) courses are for everyone who works with, lives with or supports young people aged 8-18. They will teach you the skills and confidence to spot the signs of mental health issues in a young person, offer first aid and guide them towards the support they need. In doing so, you can speed up a young person’s recovery and stop a mental health issue from getting worse. Our courses won't teach you to be a therapist, but we will teach you to listen, reassure and respond, even in a crisis - and even potentially stop a crisis from happening.

But more than that, we aim to give you the information and skills to look after your own mental health so that you can set an example for young people. By giving you the tools to have these conversations, we hope to empower you to create a mentally healthy, supportive environment in your family, school, peer group or community.

Let's create a future where mental health is treated as a normal part of life, in the same way as physical health. A future where every young person has access to support if they need it.

Next Step is designed to support anyone who cares for children and young people. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, mental health professional or commissioner of health and social care services, Next Step is a tool that helps young people to communicate on their own terms, in their own environmentThe Cards are used as a resource to help open up a conversation and use the Goal Based Outcome ap-proach.The licenses include:

  • Full training (based on the latest blended learning techniques) 
  • Pack of cards
  • Access to online software (including monthly data reports)

Next Step is a set of 52 unique cards, with each card representing a particular mood, thought, action or goal.

Setting goals is clinically proven to increase self-confidence and help achieve better out-comes. Next Step supports young people to feel in control of their mental health and emotional wellbe-ing.The kit:

  • Is designed to support the use of ‘Goal Based Outcomes’ - a nationally mandated outcome measure used in NHS Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services
  • Demonstrates reliable change in young people’s progress towards their goals
  • Provides a way of tracking progress between each session and identifies a definitive end point to intervention
  • Encourages young people to lead the conversation and identify gradual steps to improve emo-tional wellbeing
  • Uses a solution-focused process to help young people achieve their goals

The cost of the training and access to the internet application is £50

Please note: This training is by invite only and you will be contacted by the emotionally healthy schools team regarding the booking process.

Please download the Booking Form.