Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) are NHS provided services that support young people up to age 18 with their mental health and emotional wellbeing. CAMHS services are often now referred to as children and young people's mental health services - or CYPMHS - so you may see both names used in different places.

Children and young people may need help with a wide range of issues at different points in their lives. CAMHS / CYPMHS services generally support young people experiencing:

  • low mood or depression
  • feelings of worry or anxiety
  • problems with eating, or your relationship with food
  • self- harm/ thoughts of suicide
  • difficult feelings after a traumatic event.

Parents and carers can also be given advice around how to support their child with the difficulties they are experiencing. We work with other professionals in order to meet the needs of the young person such as school, GPs, social workers and other professionals.